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Martin Baumann is professor for the Study of Religions at the University of Lucerne, Switzerland. His research and teaching focus on immigration and religion, religious diversity and public space, diaspora studies, and Hindu and Buddhist traditions in the West. He has published on these topics in both English and German, his recent co-authored book is Integration durch Religion? Geschichtliche Befunde, gesellschaftliche Analysen, rechtliche Perspektiven (2014).

Other recent publications include "Modernist interpretations of Buddhism in Europe" in David McMahan (ed.), Buddhism in the Modern World, London: Routledge 2012, "Civic Social Capital and Hindu Tamil Priests and Temples in Switzerland" in Finnish Journal of Ethnicity and Migration 5 (2), 2010, and Religionspolitik - Öffentlichkeit - Wissenschaft: Studien zur Neuformierung von Religion in der Gegenwart (2011) edited with Frank Neubert. His current grant funded research projects study immigrant religious communities and civic engagement.

At the 22nd Nordic Conference of Sociology of Religion 2014 Martin Baumann will give a lecture on"Becoming a CSO-Civil Society Organisation: Dynamics of Immigrant Religious Communities in Civil Society and Public Space". Please click here to view the lecture.

Lori G. Beaman is professor in the Department of Classics and Religious Studies at the University of Ottawa. She is also the Canada Research Chair in the Contextualization of Religion in a Diverse Canada and the Principal In­vestigator of a thirty-seven-member international research team whose focus is religion and diversity (see Her research focuses on the boundaries of religious freedom and its articulation in Canadian society generally and in law specifically.

Recent publications include "Battles over Symbols: The 'Religion' of the Minority Versus the 'Culture' of the Majority" in Journal of Law and Religion 28(1) 2012/3: 101-138 and "Overdressed and Underexposed or Underdressed and Overexposed?" in Social Identities: Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture special issue "Illegal Covering", edited by Pascale Fournier and Valérie Amiraux, 19(6) 2013: 723-742.

At the 22nd Nordic Conference of Sociology of Religion 2014 Lori G. Beaman will give a lecture on “Deep Equality as an Alternative to Accommodation and Tolerance”. Please click here to view the lecture. Note that the lecture is after the conference opening in the recording.

Peter Gundelach
 is professor in Sociology, University of Copenhagen. He has been responsible for the Danish part of the European Values Survey since the end of the 1980s. He has published a wide range of articles and books related to labour force mobility, new social movements and changes in the values of the Danish population. 

In the area of religion, Gundelach has worked with generational values among Muslim immigrants, and the rise of values in Denmark related to spirituality. His recent publications include "A Spiritual Revolution In Denmark?" with P. Lüchau & P.B. Andersen in Journal of Contemporary Religion, 2013 and "Democracy and Denomination: Democratic Values among Muslim Minorities and the Majority Population in Denmark" Ethnic and Racial Studies 33 (3). 

At the 22nd Nordic Conference of Sociology of Religion 2014 Peter Gundelach will give a lecture on "Institutionalized religion, modernization and social institutions". Please click here to view the lecture.

Viktor Yelensky
 is professor at the Theology Department/Department for the Study of Religion at the Philosophy Institute of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences. He is also President of the Ukrainian Association for Religious Freedom (an International Religious Liberty Association affiliate) and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal for Religious Studies and "Lyudina i Svit" (Individual and World). 

Yelensky has researched religious freedom and religion in Central-Eastern Europe and Eurasia before and after the Collapse of Communism. His recent publications include "Religiosity in Ukraine according to Sociological Surveys" in Religion, State and Society 38 (3), 2010 and "Religious Freedom: The Case of Ukraine" in The Review of Faith & International Affairs 6 (2), 2008. 

At the 22nd Nordic Conference of Sociology of Religion 2014 Viktor Yelensky will give a lecture on "From Religious Diversity to Religious Pluralism: Religion, Politics and Nation-building in Post-Soviet Ukraine". Please click here to view the lecture.