Welcome to the 22nd Nordic Conference in Sociology of Religion – University of Copenhagen

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Programme and book of abstracts (pdf file)

Tuesday 19 August

Auditorium 22.01.11

19.00 – 20.00 Early registration

Wednesday 20 August

Auditorium 22.01.11

9.00 – 10.15 Arrival, Registration

10.15 Welcome 
Professor Margit Warburg

10.30 Keynote speaker 
Professor Lori Beaman:
Deep Equality as an Alternative to Accommodation and Tolerance

Chair: Assistant Professor, PhD, Brian Arly Jacobsen

11.45 – 13.00 Lunch buffet 

13.00 – 15.00 First parallel sessions

A. Religion & State I / Lene Kühle 
Room 22.0.47 

Brian Arly Jacobsen: New Public Management and institutional isomorphism in the Danish state and the Church of Denmark (University of Copenhagen)

Lene Kühle: Chaplaincies in the Nordic countries (Aarhus University)

Per Pettersson: State and religion in Sweden: The ambiguous attitude of the state in relation to the former state church (Karlstad University)

Ulla Schmidt: State, law and religion in the Nordic states: converging towards a “Nordic model”? (Centre for Church Research / KIFO)

B. Regulation of Religion and the Limits of Law / Lisbet Christoffersen
Room 22.0.49 

Pamela Slotte: Boundaries, self-boundaries and breaking points in Law & Religion (University of Helsinki)

Lisbet Christoffersen: Forum internum for religious communities? (Roskilde University)

Emma Svensson: Ora et labora – construtions of law and constructions of religion in European labour law (Uppsala University)

Niels Valdemar Vinding: Law & Religion and the contested regulatory prerogative regarding the family (University of Copenhagen)

C. Christian Migrants and Integration / Helje Kringlebotn Sødal 
Room 22.1.47 

Olav Hovdelien: Collaboration between school and home – cultural and religious challenges (Oslo and Akershus University)

Helje Kringlebotn Sødal: Mapping Christian migrant congregations in Norway (University of Agder)

Magdalena Nordin: Christian immigrants and integration in contemporary Sweden (Lund University)

Astrid Krabbe Trolle: Christian Filipino Migrants in Denmark: Integration, Structure and Resources (University of Copenhagen)

D. Looking at Change – Perspectives on Projects Mapping and Measuring Religion in Local, Regional and National Settings I / Marie Vejrup Nielsen 
Room 22.1.49 

Marianne Qvortrup Fibiger and Marie Vejrup Nielsen: Mapping and Measuring Religion Aarhus University)

Henrik Reintoft Christensen: The Danish Confirmation Study as a mapping project (Aarhus University)

Janna Egholm Hansen: Religion in the Faroe Islands: continuity and change (Aarhus University)

Anders Sjöborg & Maria Klingenberg: Methodological challenges regarding the study of youth and religion: experiences and outcomes (Uppsala University)

E. Leaving Religion and Irreligiosity / Lars Laird Iversen, Room 27.0.47

Lars Laird Iversen: Communities of disagreement - a fresh look at groups with identity claims (The Norwegian School of Theology)

Teemu Mantsinen: Social consequences of apostasy (University of Turku)

Elena Ryygas: Russian Orthodoxy: between performatives and silent creation (Russian Academy of Sciences)

Sivert Skålvoll Urstad: Exploring the irreligious/non-religious in Norway (University of Agder)

15.00 Coffee/tea break

15.30 – 17.30 Second parallel sessions

A. Religion & Civil Society I / Inger Furseth
Room 22.0.47 

Andreas Baumann: Social Capital Gains in Pentecostal Networks (University of Copenhagen)

Ingunn Breistein: An integrated Politics of Religion in Norway – desirable and possible? (University of Agder)

Anna Körs: Faith communities as builder of interreligious social capital? (University of Hamburg)

Amir Sheikhzadegan & Michael Nollert: Dialectics of assimilationism and Islamism: How a Muslim youth association defies the far right in Switzerland (University of Freiburg)

Daniel Vasconcelos Campos: Max Weber’s view of religion and the critique of civil society

B. The Discursive Constitution of "Religion" in International Politics / Stephanie Garling 
Room 22.0.49 

Ahmed Nabil: The Intellectual and Pratical Contributions of Ibn Khaldun to International Theory (Cairo University)

Kristian Steiner & Anders Lundberg: Peace and End Time Expectations in Christian Zionism A Comparative Analysis of Swedish and Christian Zionist Movements (Malmö University & Lund University)

Elena Stepanova: The moral debate in Russia: religious/secular alternatives (Russian Academy of Science)

Helge Årsheim: Lost in Translation? Constructions of religion at the United Nations (University of Oslo)

C. Looking at Change – Perspectives on Projects Mapping and Measuring Religion in Local, Regional and National Settings II / Marianne Fibiger
Room 22.1.49 

Lars Ahlin: Religion or "feel good"? (University of Aarhus)

Maria Alekseevskaia: Political and social issues and neo-Calvinistic ideas in Canada (Saint Petersburg State University)

Jørn Borup: Culture religion – a problematic and necessary concept of mapping religion (Aarhus University)

Claude Bovay, Louisa Sayad: Treatment of religious demands by the administration and social services in Lausanne (Haute école de travail social et de la santé, Lausanne)

D. Consumerism, Voluntarism and Professionalism in Organised Religious Life / Margit Warburg
Room 27.0.47

Ida Marie Høeg: Young people taking part in Christian youth work – average youth or a bunch of religious geniuses? (KIFO, Institute for Church, Religion, and Worldview Research)

Marie Vejrup Nielsen: "When you take the child by the hand, you take the mother by her heart" – creating occasional consumers through baby hymn singing (Aarhus University)

Kati Niemelä: Profiling religious professionals in late modernity – The changing role of the clergy in a declining majority church (University of Helsinki)

Margit Warburg: Sustainable Resource Management in Religious Organisations – a Careful Balancing of Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft (University of Copenhagen)

E. Religion in the Nordic countries / Olaf Aagedal, Room 27.0.49

Olaf Aagedal & Aanund Brottveit: Ecclesiastical politics of memory in The Norwegian Constitution Anniversary (KIFO, Institute for Church, Religion, and Worldview Research)

Gwendolyn Yvonne Alexis: The Role of Religion in Immigrant Integration: Sweden (Monmouth University)

Jonas Lindberg: The role of religion in Nordic politics (Uppsala University)

Daniel Enstedt: One out of nine. The Enneagram in contemporary Sweden (University of Gothenburg)

F. The Dynamics between Market Orientation, Individualization, and Social Capital in Nordic Folk Churches / Hans Raun Iversen
Room 27.1.47

Maria Klingenberg: Conformity and Contrast: Young people and religious affiliation in Finland (Uppsala University)

Karen Marie Sø Leth-Nissen: Why I left the church (Danish folk church)

Pétur Pétursson: Religion, Church and the Economic Crash in Iceland in 2008 (University of Iceland)

Veli-Matti Salminen: Non-participating Members of the Folk Church: Passive Supporters and Critical Seekers (Church Research Institute)

17.45 Reception in the university aula, Universitetstorvet KUA 2 
Welcome speech: Faculty of Humanities' Director, Professor, dr. phil. Ulf Hedetoft

Thursday 21 August

Auditorium 22.01.11

9.00 – 10.15 Keynote speaker 
Professor Martin Baumann: Becoming a CSO-Civil Society Organisation: Dynamics of Immigrant Religious Communities in Civil Society and Public Space

Chair: Professor Inger Furseth

10.15 Coffee/tea break

10.45 – 12.45 Third parallel sessions

A. Religion & State II / Brian Arly Jacobsen
Room 22.0.47 

Peter Birkelund Andersen: Links between a colonial state and tribal society illuminated through the Santal Rebellion in India in 1855 (University of Copenhagen)

Anders Bäckström & Per Pettersson: Religion in the Nordic Countries: A discussion of results from the Impact of Religion-Programme, Uppsala University (Uppsala University)

Kristian Frisk: Commemorating the Dead of Helmand as Civil Religion? (University of Southern Denmark)

Rajesh C. Shukla: Immigration, Secularism, and Citizenship: The Western Predicament (Saint Paul University)

B. Looking at Change – Perspectives on Projects Mapping and Measuring Religion in Local, Regional and National Settings III / Marie Vejrup Nielsen Room 22.0.49

Caroline Gustavsson: Existential configuration – a way to conceptualize meaning-making (Svenska Kyrkan)

David Herbert: Cultural Conflict 2.0: Religion, Media and Locality in North European Cities (University of Agder)

Ole Riis: Postdogmatic Religion (University of Agder)

Niels Valdemar Vinding: Models and Maps. Applying Bourdieu in qualitative mapping of the religio-organisational field (University of Copenhagen)

C. Religion & Civil Society II / Inger Furseth
Room 22.1.47 

Jes Heise Rasmussen: Marketization of the Danish National Church (University of Copenhagen)

Ksenia Kolkunova & Tatiana Malevich: Searching for Spirituality: Russian Case (St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University & The Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

Marat Shterin: Forget the Past and Remember the Present: Religion, Historical Memory, and Civil Society in Contemporary Russia (King's College London)

Valdis Teraudkalns & Deniss Hanovs: Discourse of values and the Constitution of Latvia (University of Latvia & Institute of Regional Studies, Rezekne)

D. Religion and Media /Mia Lövheim & Henrik Reintoft Christensen
Room 22.1.49

Jørn Borup: Buddha Cool – mediatized Buddhism as cultural narrative (Aarhus University)

Anneli Winell: Health and Wellbeing in Women’s Magazines – an Arena for the Presentation and Negotiation of Religion and Spirituality (Uppsala University)

Signe Engelbreth Larsen: The mediatization of blasphemy? The joined forces of blasphemous publics and the media in the 20th and 21st century (Aarhus University)

Teemu Taira: Religious Diversity in Finnish Media: The Emergence of a New Discourse (University of Turku)

Mia Lövheim: The Resurgence of Religion?! Representations of religion and modernity in Swedish editorials (Uppsala University)

E. Modern Christianity in Transition / Anders Sjöborg, Room 27.0.47

Brian Conway: Understanding Institutional Misconduct in Organised Religious Bodies: Catholicism in Comparative Perspective (National University of Ireland)

Kristen Nielsen Donnelly: The Only Gay (Church) In the Village: Examining a Welcoming and Affirming Protestant Church in Belfast (Queen's University Belfast)

Anders Sjöborg:'One needs to be free': Making sense of young peoples' talk about religion in multicultural Sweden (Uppsala University)

Christian Uchegbue: Ethnicity and the Emergence/Membership Affiliation of Selected Churches in Calabar, a Nigerian City (University of Calabar)

F. The Orthodox Church as a Public Actor in Non-Orthodox Countries / Annika Hvithamar & Magdalena Nordin
Room 27.0.49

Maria Alekseevskaia: The image of the Eastern Orthodoxy in Canadian mass media (Saint Petersburg State University)

Annika Hvithamar: Orthodox Christianity in Danish textbooks (University of Copenhagen)

Fotis Lambiris: The influence of the “40 days period” within the Greek Orthodox tradition (Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection)

Sebastian Rimestad: The Orthodox Church in Western Europe: One or Many? (Erfuhrt University)

12.45 Conference tour to Christiania, Christianshavn

16.00 Coffee/tea break

16.30 – 17.45 Keynote speaker 

Professor Viktor Yelenski: From Religious Diversity to Religious Pluralism: Religion, Politics and Nation-building in Post-Soviet Ukraine

Chair: Senior Researcher Kati Niemelä

18.30 Conference dinner at University of Copenhagen

Friday 22 August

10.00 – 12.00 Fourth parallel sessions

A. Transformations in the Field of Religion and Care / Terhi Utriainen & Anne Birgitta Pessi
Room 22.0.47 

Pål Ketil Botvar, Olav Helge Angell: The public`s views on religious welfare providers (KIFO, Institute for Church, Religion, and Worldview Research & Diakonhjemmet University College)

Meri-Anna Hintsala: Empowering Social Media and Conservative Laestadian Mothers (University of Helsinki)

Anna Juntunen: Involved and not involved young people (University of Helsinki)

Terhi Utriainen: Therapeutic religion and credibility of enchantment (University of Helsinki)

B. Socialization, Values and Moral in the Study of Sociology of Religion / Peter Lüchau
Room 22.0.49 

Rasmus Michael Due Birch: Religion and volunteering in Lolland-Falster (Roskilde University)

Caroline Hoel: The Euro Crisis as a Moral Crisis: Religious Lobbies and EU Fiscal Policy (University of Agder)

Elena Prutskova: Religiosity and values in Europe: national context and religious socialization effect (St.Tikhon's Orthodox University)

Peter Lüchau: Can the Path Towards Empty Churches Lead the Other Way? Secularisation and Compartmentalisation in Europe (University of Copenhagen)

C. Studying Religion in Secular Spaces - After 'the Material Turn' / Birgitte Schepelern Johansen & Laura Maria Schütze
Room 22.1.47 

Crispin Paine: Religious objects in secular museums (University College London)

Emil Bjørn Hilton Saggau: A shrine for the nation: how to declare religious space as secular (University of Copenhagen)

Mahmood Shahabi: The official and unofficial uses of the streets in Tehran: purification versus carnivalization (Allameh Tabatabai' University)

Ida Marie Høeg: Interreligious funerals as response to terror attacks in Norway 22 July 2011. Interactions across religious and world view divide (KIFO, Institute for Church, Religion, and Worldview Research)

D. Religion and Social Group / Pål Ketil Botvar 
Room 22.1.49 

Pål Ketil Botvar, Anders Sjöborg: From water to wine? The use of alcohol among religiously active young people in Norway and Sweden (KIFO, Institute for Church, Religion, and Worldview Research & Uppsala University)

Anna Sofia Salonen: The Christmas celebration & secondary consumers: Observations from food banks in Finland (University of Helsinki)

Jenni Spännäri: Continuities and changes in the religious life of Finnish retirement migrants (University of Helsinki)

Niels Reeh: Towards a Three Layered Analysis of Civil Religion, Religion and Individual Religion (University of Copenhagen)

E. Religion and Economy - Mutual Inspirations and Correctives / Niels Kærgård
Room 27.0.47 

Niels Kærgård: Religion and society in an economic perspective (University of Copenhagen)

Polikarpos Karamouzis, represented by Fotis Lambiris: Social status, religion and crisis. A quantitative survey in Greek society (University of Aegean)

F. Is religion returning to the public sphere? The main findings from the NOREL research program on the five Nordic countries 1988-2008 / Inger Furseth, Room 27.0.49

Lene Kühle: Religion and State (Aarhus University)

Jonas Lindberg: Religion and Politics (Uppsala University)

Mia Lövheim: Religion and Media (Uppsala University)

Inger Furseth: Religion and Civil Society (University of Oslo) 

12.00 Lunch buffet

Auditorim 22.01.11

13.15 – 14.30 Keynote speaker 

Professor Peter Gundelach: Institutionalized religion, modernization and social institutions

Chair: Professor Mia Lövheim


14.30 – 15.00 Closing of the conference 

Margit Warburg: Final comments and next conference

The programme is preliminary